Sheerness Swimming & Life Saving Club

How to join

Young swimmers who wish to join a competitive swimming club for the first time will be invited to attend one of our New Member Trials. These are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month in our evening session. All applicants must be at least six years old at the time of the trial. It is important to remember that places might be limited and that the decision of the Head Coach as to the suitability of any applicant for membership will be final. If you are interested in joining our winning team please email or call Shaun Clark 01795486606

Membership Costs 2017/8

Monthly fees

Swim School  Red 1&2- Swim fees - £12 per month
Swim School - Swim fees - £15 per month
Transition- Swim fees - £15 per month
Swim Squad - Swim fees - £18 per month
Adult Squad - Swim fees - £15 per month
Life Saving Only- Swim fees - £14 per month

Insurance & Yearly Fees

Club Membership - £15 per member per annum
Swim England Fee - £13.10 per member per annum (Category 1*)
Swim England Fee - £31.40 per member per annum (Category 2**)

Open Competitions

Each swimmer is required to pay an additional £1 to help provide qualified coaches pool side during the event.
Cat 1* - Swimmers only wishing to take part in club training and team galas, Cat 2 ** - Swimmers wishing to take part in open galas & Medway individual competitions All fees are to be paid by standing order. They are payable in advance either monthly, or annually, depending on which best suits your needs.

Training Times


Swim School – 6pm – 8pm (small pool)

Transition – 6pm – 7pm (big pool)

Main Squad Comp Training 6pm – 7pm

Junior Squad – 7pm – 8pm

Intermediate Squad – 7pm – 8pm

Senior Squad – 6pm – 8pm


Junior Squad – 7:30pm – 8pm

Intermediate Squad – 7:30pm – 9pm

Senior Squad – 7:30pm – 9pm

Adult Squad – 7:30pm – 9pm


Transition – 8am – 9am



Swim School – 6pm – 7-20pm

Junior Squad/Intermediate Squad / Senior Squad – 6:30pm – 8pm

Adult Squad – 6:30pm – 8pm