Saddleton Fun Gala 18th November 2017

50 / 200mtr Medway Open November 2017

Saddleton Fun Gala 18th November 2017


The Saddleton Fun Gala was a great success with members trying to win the 2 trophies, an individual trophy and also a 4 person team trophy

Individual Trophy

This will incorporate a 25mtr Freestyle race. It will be time handicapped, based on the most up to date times for each swimmer. It will be swum in heats, which will run from the slowest times through to the fastest.

Example – If the fastest swimmer has a time of 15 seconds this will be the base time, if your personal best time is 20 seconds you will have 5 seconds taken off your time after your swim, therefore if you swim a time of 19 seconds on the night, your actual time will be 14 seconds

Team Trophy

This year the team events will be based around traditional party games!

Each team will incorporate 4 swimmers, 1 from the Junior squad, 1 from Intermediate squad, 1 from Senior squad and 1 from Adult squad (the adult squad may need the coaches to make up the numbers). These teams will be drawn out of the hat!!

There will be 4 relay events, each event will require team work and it is up to each team the order in which they swim or how they tackle the race. There will be a 5 second time penalty added to the time of any team who are deemed to be ‘bending the rules’ for each time the rules are bent!! (judges decision is final)

The fastest team in each event will score 10 points through to the 10th place team, who score 1 point. The points for each team will be added together after the 4 events and the winners will be the team with the most points.

Extra points will be awarded for the best team selfies on the night!

Team results

25mtr Results


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