Medway Gala 18 February 2017

Medway Gala 5 15/10/16
Dover White Cliffs Open 9th / 10th SEPTEMBER 2017

Medway Gala 18 February 2017


MEDWAY GALA 18 February 2017


17 swimmers took part in the first Medway gala of the year on Saturday night at Medway park, with varying degrees of success.

Liam Secrett was the pick of the bunch, making the final in the boys 14yr Freestyle, swimming a 5 second personnel best along the way.

Pierson Timmons carried on from his impressive performance in the recent Kent championships, easing into the final of the boys 15yr Breastroke and finishing in 5th place with a new PB.

Ellie Pieri also made the final of the girls 11yr Breastroke, finishing in 6th place in a new PB. Jasmine Down made the reserve list for the same final also in a new PB.

Robert Winch took 4th place overall in the boys 16yr & under open 200mtr I.M with Alex Mackenzie finishing in an admirable 7th.

Katherine Berry made the reserve list for the girls 15yr Breastroke in a new PB while Charlie Halle, Reece Campbell and Megan Yeames Smith competing in their first ever Medway, all swam really well in the boys 100mtr Breastroke and girls 100mtr Freestyle, Charlie making the reserve list for the final, Reece taking a massive 15seconds off his PB and Megan taking 10seconds off hers.

Other swimmers on the night, all swimming extremely well were – Jessica Sheather, Sophia Stephenson, Teresa Britten, Lori Secrett, Daniel Pieri, Robert Pym and Scarlett Gebbie


Name Event Time Position PB
Jessica Sheather 200mtr I.M 3.04.20 21st (44) Yes
Robert Winch 200mtr I.M 2.27.75 4th (17) Yes
Alex Mackenzie 200mtr I.M 2.35.02 7th (17) Yes
Sophia Stephenson 100mtr Fly 1.45.04 17th (20) Yes
Teresa Britten 100mtr Fly 1.51.54 19th (20) Yes
Lori Secrett 100mtr I.M 1.29.58 11th (21) Yes
Daniel Pieri 100mtr I.M 1.29.54 10th (17) Yes
Robert Pym 100mtr I.M 1.42.55 15th (17) Yes
Ellie Pieri 100mtr Breastroke 1.47.91 6th (26) Yes
Jasmine Down 100mtr Breastroke 1.51.25 9th (26) Yes
Charlie Halle 100mtr Breastroke 2.07.87 8th (15) Yes
Reece Campbell 100mtr Breastroke 2.15.34 11th (15) Yes
Scarlett Gebbie 100mtr Freestyle 1.21.02 13th (17)  
Megan Y Smith 100mtr Freestyle 1.25.92 17th (17) Yes
Liam Secrett 100mtr Freestyle 1.09.29 4th (10) Yes
Katherine Berry 100mtr Breastroke 1.40.69 8th (12) Yes
Pierson Timmons 100mtr Breastroke 1.24.12 5th (7) Yes


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